DeLaSar real name Yves Zbaeren.
Following the success Taboo had in the eighties and nineties in Germany and Switzerland,
After three solo albums by YvesZ
With various projects such as The Red Ants, The Treatles, The Retro-Tubes....
DeLaSar presents a new, wiser, serene musician whose music is more profound
and has gained in quality. It is more fulfilled.
Say shows an artist at the height of his creativity and with a wide range of talents since he plays all the instruments in this double CD.

  • He sold more than 80'000 CDs in Germany and in Switzerland with 4 Albums CD.
  • He reached the 5th Position in Radio-Charts in Germany
  • One of this CD Album - All Around - was declared best CD of the Year in Switzeralnd
  • The song - The Magic Word - was the second Song most play in Radio in Switzerland in 1995
  • He played three Times in the huge StGallen OpenAir Festival
  • He played in the Famous Jazz Festival in Montreux
  • He played in big TV-Show in Switzerland, Germany and in England.
  • He played 1000 Live-Dates in Switzerland, Germany, France and in Rumania.
  • He speaks french, englisch and german
  • He plays the Piano - Keyboards / Ac & El.Guitars / Drums & Bass